Last week…

Legend. I have picked up a Gift, that traveled from Budapest in the hands of another dearest friend: pure eyegasm of urbex finest.

Places My Brain Feels Like #1: Abandoned Not Forgotten is an intense nostalgic journey into the magic entrails of Berlin. We started our adventure in the city right there somewhere, 5 years ago…



You can find more on Talissa Mehringer´s book and her art here and here.


With the book came also a new comrade in the gang. Welcome on the couch baby bat ❤


…by the way, he doesn´t have a name yet, maybe you guys have an idea?… 🙂

Am touched with joy. Thank you in evil amounts, Talissa 🙂

Wishing you breezy and sunny side up days…


7 thoughts on “Last week…

  1. I love “Batty” and Kung Fu Panda hahahaha. Thanks for the suggestion 😀
    That´s an Eclypse ltd – my boyfriends owns the thing, i just talked him into buying it… 🙂


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