Merry X-mas!


On the archiving desk, bites and pieces dropped playfully once more this year…

It has been an amazing year with you, lovely friends and i can´t thank you enough for the gorgeous energy i received from you. ❤

I wish every one a wonderful holiday time and looking forward to reconnecting with you in a fabulous 2018!


Cause nothing says Merry X-mas And Happy New Year better than a toy unicorn and Marx & Engels´Manifesto miniature. 🍷🍾 🧀 🎅 Fireworks on Apple 🐸 🖖


24 thoughts on “Merry X-mas!

  1. Happy and peaceful Christmas and New Year to you too 🙂 I thank you for having been on my places several times. And… I Really Like this super-cute unicorn !! ✨ 🦄
    Do you know how does a unicorn smell as a whole, from some distance ?

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      1. You are most welcome ! And also very kind, complimenting me on my blog! ❤
        About unicorns, I fancy they smell like burnt sugar, with a clear pungent note of something like ginger. From closer, they could emit a different fragance to each person: that of someone you have physically loved in the past or will love in the near future, so, an arousing smell (in my case, the smell of a young man after having made some vigorous exercise early in the morning, in a foggy day, and gets back to bed to hug me).

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      2. Ha ha ha !! 🦄 ♻️ 🙃
        (I had to check the Urban dictionary to grasp “helluva” 🙂 So I’ve learnt something aside of learning how to better poo when I do not wear high heels… LOL !!)

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  2. Thank you soo much, Helen! I had a sweet time here (though snowless… – aka normal for Berlin ☔️)! 😀
    Wishing you a beautiful New Year with best of creative energies and amazing travels! Many hugs and can´t wait to follow the Beasties adorable adventures in 2018 🤗🐾💗


    1. Thank you, Lia so much! I will repeat in mind your wonderful words and i´m sure it will have a beautiful influence on the track of this year! Have yourself too, a fabulous year! 😊 P.S. Hahah, the image of Marx and Engels touching the Unicorn is a total winner😀

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