The 100 Scents. GOLD

Gold was the plenitude of the scents. Among the hill farmers, almost all fruits apart from the apple are referred to as “plums”. Cherries, greengages, mirabelle plums, peaches, apricots… The veins of their squashy flesh glimmers richly in the light and their secretions, alike the human skin flows, possesses a bouncy smarmy scent, reflecting golden hues.

Other golden odors were: the fried onion which embraced almost every cooked meal in a heavy perfume; honey, the epitome of liquid gold… The rum in which the grains from the “cake of the dead” were soaked; the egg yolks stirred with sugar and smeared on the Easter dry and flat figurines; the vinegar. There was the plum brandy which smelled like the apotheosis of all “plums”…



11 thoughts on “The 100 Scents. GOLD

  1. Calling honey “liquid gold” has moved me — I do not know well why. Maybe because I love honey, and all other gifts from bees and the flowers they suck: pollen, royal jelly, propolis, wax… Almost a third of my dayly meals are made of these, nuts and berries.

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    1. It sounds like a very nurturing diet! It´s very much a similar feel here about this very intriguing substance. Rediscovering the taste of honey as an adult, connected my thoughts with all this compelling process that you pointed. Am equally mind-blown by the intricate architecture of their bee-temple, about its symmetrical perfection that allows the light to beam inside (i wonder how it would feel to be in a life-size honeycomb), about their sophisticated frailty, and above all, the fact that every single millimetric baby-bee chamber holds an ambrosia that never “expires”.
      Thank you for coming by and have a lovely weekend!

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      1. I entirely agree with all you say, Luiza 🙂 I thank you back, most heartily, for your kind response. I don’t have a very nice weekend since it’s when I work most, but then I may retrive during the week.
        As for your posts, they are different, inspiring and exquisite; I like them a lot 💜

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