Series “Blême”. The Book

A number of scribbles and sketches i found going through older and more recent workbooks and notebooks inspired a new category in the color coded atlas.

Series “Blême” addresses the persistence and commitment, as well as various forms of the struggle with the everyday amount of Absurd.


13 thoughts on “Series “Blême”. The Book

    1. Thank you Li, i´m happy you liked the book. Well, i was trying to reduce descriptions and kind of unfold the story of these new series little by little… Every so often, during various sorts of grown ups mandatory meetings that flavor and sparkle the social life, conferences, speeches or horrendously boring seminars, i´d grab a notebook and draw away, in order to…to stay alive. I gathered and recently photographed some of them and got inspired to actually make a book from scratch, that i´d use to this very purpose. To document persistently each “struggle with the everyday amount of Absurd”. 😉
      Some of these initial drawings found their way on the opening pages of this book…

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      1. Thank you heartily for your kind and detailed explanation, Luiza. Even if your subject(s) is still quite foggy to me, I am becoming increasingly interested by it (somewhat mesmerized as well…) On the other hand, your drawings look really good to my eyes. I will try to find your book on scents and memory on Amazon or AbeBooks (in French if possible, since this is the language you employed originally). *Best Wishes!* 💐

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  1. Thank you for setting out your process in this series of photos of the pages of this unique and beautiful book, and your drawings and notations all deserve a place in it. A drawing of a trilobite is all too appropriate as the fruit of sitting through a boring meeting…it’s a wonderful inventor, the subconscious…and I love that its title is inspired by Aragon’s ‘Le Roman Inachevé’ in which he too is hunting for escaped meaning!

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    1. I love Aragon a lot, i love his poems, his lyricism, is the quintessential “french”, passionate avant-garde, thank you so much for mentioning him in this context, it´s more than an honor. A direct inspiration to give this title, was the discovery of Boris Vian (a direct homage, so to speak, à “Serie blême”, one of his theater pieces). I´ve started this book-work – ha, it sounds so solemn… – as a means to protect somehow my mind from the institutionalized life and keep a track of my “critic eye”… am curious how it will develop. Thank you very much for your words. A great evening from Berlin!


  2. Sketchbooks are more interesting to me than most “finished” works, and yours are very satisfying. What else to say? Let the sketchbook do the talking… Thanks for sharing all this. I know what it takes to get stuff posted, even when you enjoy doing it.

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    1. Thank you so much for your words! Am thrilled to have discovered your own work. Totally agreed, i love to gaze and glance into the secret “creusets” of creations and see all the different thoughts, ideas and pieces in action, moving and growing into a work. I love the unfinished works. Am reading now one of H.U. Obrist´s books on curating, where he talks precisely about the fascination of unfinished projects and all their resourcefulness. Thanks so much for passing by, and a lot of great energies back!
      Many greets from Berlin!


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