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15 thoughts on “Unfolding…

  1. “Each word is like a stain on silence and nothingness.” (Do I have that correct? My French is very rusty.) Your art is intriguing and so diverse in technique. I came here from Douglas’s reblog. I will look at more of your posts.

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    1. Thank you so much for your visit and words, Katherine. Yep, that´s exact 😊 …This is how Beckett put it… I love your ethereal photobooth photos project a lot, thank you for allowing me to discover it! Am right there unfolding it 😊
      Many greets from Berlin!

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      1. Oh, Berlin around New Eve has a warm (tipsy) atmosphere indeed. I´ve been living here since 6 years now, still enjoying peeling off its stories. It is a very weird pack of a city… And it has a lot of funny photobooths! 🙂

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