Series Blême | The Cow Stories

A subseries of the “Pale” one is taking shape bit by bit. It is about a cow and her acquaintance, a bear. Here are the first pages of their struggle. 🐮🐻

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7 thoughts on “Series Blême | The Cow Stories

  1. This is wonderful. The bear undoubtedly has more serious, and challenging, things to sort out, but I was shocked to find we have the same conception of a proper breakfast. However! If he stops drinking instant coffee, and makes the real stuff, I feel certain he will feel a tiny bit more cheerful. It’s not the solution, but a step in the right direction. I assume he drinks it black, using cream in this context might be a little weird. And again, this is wonderful! 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Robert! Hahaha, brilliant. Will absolutely have to quote you to those who reacted perplexed at the combination Worcester sauce with sausage. The bear, aye, that´s a bloke who´s got a lot to sort out. Well, he is a warrior in his own right, when one thinks of the gloomy winters he´s got to deal with, for almost half of the year – and i´m talking winters in the Berlin darn tube – he´s lucky he´s managed somehow to save his troubled soul. Being a weird mix of a slavic and teutonic descent hasn´t helped him much. I completely agree with you about the real coffee. He won´t admit it, but that instant rubbish comes from his protestant parsimonious upbringing. I´ll see though what i can do about that. Maybe the cow could influence that… 😀Cheers again for the comment and a perfectly lovely day!😊🖖

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