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7 thoughts on “Series Blême | The Cow Stories

  1. Sometimes it worries me, when I see a bear ruminating, chewing thing over.
    I worry that it was a friend of mine.
    If he is reading in depth about these ugly towns in remote Siberia, with their assessors and other inferior officials, his memory slips may be a defense mechanism?
    This story and the drawings are fantastic, this bear is a very serious fellow, but charming nonetheless.

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    1. Most likely the bear is unconsciously preserving his mental balance. The novel he´s reading, with its notorious studies of souls, makes him painfully aware, almost stir him into action, which is quite unusual for a cautious, poised good old bear. Deep in his heart, he´s a dreamer, a filthy well-meant utopian, hopefully he´ll come out until the end that way.😊
      Thank you for the eagle-eyed remarks, and for the nice words, Robert.

      On another note, it´s surprising how come the novel in question slipped through the fingers of filmmakers, i only found one (wish i´d master the language) dating from 1932…

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