It has been quite a while since my last update. I´ve been intensively working the last two months on a new project, predominantly inspired by my work as an art educator. The project is meant to takeoff in September with a group exhibition gathering artists, researchers, students and art educators, and develop subsequently into a periodic (yearly) event.

I am really glad to be back here, now that the preparatory work on “Mark Me Present” is done! The time invested into rounding up a concept that was germinating in our minds and then creating the frames to make it happen, has been both exhausting and rewarding. I´ve got amazing, inspiring vibes from meetings, conferences and spontaneous talks that have been going on lately.

Am both nervous and excited about the opening.

The book i started back in spring, named after Vian´s theater play, “Series Blême”, is also completed. The last part of it, The Cow and the Bear – book and installation – will be shown as my statement in the “Mark Me Present” exhibition.

Stay tuned for the updates and very important for now: if you happen to be in Berlin between 7. 09 – 9. 10. 2018, it will be a massive joy to have you around! 😊

Wishing everyone a delightful, chilled, breezy summertime! ☀️🍧⛱


16 thoughts on “Back…

  1. Sounds like you’ve been very busy preparing for this! I love the work you’ve been sharing, and I hope the show is a great success 🙂 Also hope you get to enjoy summer now… wish I could zoom over for a visit to Berlin in summer! xo

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    1. Liz, thanks so much!! Many hugs from us both, that would be great fun, you being here!!! Remember when i told you in spring, that i might probably work 1-2 weeks during the summer break, well, the 2 weeks became 1 month…😲 Wednesday will head to Vienna for a week, which i´m totally looking fwd to! Love the the words of your recent post❤️ A happy summer to you, your brother and Zac, from Andreas too!


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