5 thoughts on “100 Days with Erwin #day3

    1. Hahaha… She had indeed, we spent a lovely afternoon together, it´s sweet to see how she bonds with her grandson… 🙂 Well, I grew up in Romania and during my time in school there was a strong emphasis on languages – French and English. So I enjoyed them both – yet I do prefer English… I started learning German as I came here – it was a mighty struggle 😤😀

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      1. It’s great to know more than one language. I hope you encourage Erwin to speak at least two (your mother tongue of course, to connect him with his family history). I am trying to learn Irish, its very, very complicated and I keep orgetting things I learnt the week before. I think I need to go to classes in Ireland. I am just using Duolingo and some books.

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      2. It´s true, you are right, communicating in different languages, opens the mind and enriches you. Yes, when I´m alone with him I speak Romanian and started reading him my favourites in Romanian… I once heard Irish at a Seminar for linguistics, they didn´t tell us it was Irish and we had to guess. None of us got it right, but we were mesmerized, it just sounds amazing 🙂 Good vibes and good luck perfecting it!

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