100 Days with Erwin; day 100 [“to the spring”]

Erwin is today 200 days old: the #100dayswitherwin project is now completed… Needless to say, the 3 months and a half feel now like a crumb of a second. Our baby grew up right before our eyes… I already begin to miss sneaking on my tip-toes in the next room to sketch my next work while Erwin is shortly asleep.

For a brief while, I challenged my self to be more aware towards things I´d take otherwise for granted. I will probably not be able to produce day in day out, as during these hundred days, but I do hope to stay consistent with the ideas that emerged during this time.

Here are the works, rolled up in a short video. 🎥📺

Thank You a million for the treasured feedback and appreciation! 🙏 Hugs and cheers to my family for the care, love, real soup and aaaaamazing photos … 😉🙃
Now time has come to play ´round, classify and organize the categories on my website. In other words… I´ll be back. Soon. 🤙😃🖖

5 thoughts on “100 Days with Erwin; day 100 [“to the spring”]

  1. Congratulations Luiza. What a treasure for Erwin. It has been a treat following your beautiful creations for the past 100 days. It’s Family Day here in British Columbia so let me wish you a Happy Family Day. With my warmest good wishes and a Happy 100th Day Birthday to Erwin 😊

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    1. That is an amazing coincidence, I was not aware about the Family Day!! Thank you so much, dear Andrew, all of your wonderful words touched me deeply and motivated me during this 100 days project…🙂🙏 Warmest wishes to you too, for the Family Day and many greetings from all of us!!! ☺️🌼🍀

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  2. You succeeded, as I knew you would. Your collection of visual insights into those hundred days has been both beautiful and moving. One day that book will appear for others to enjoy too. Rest (when you can), regroup and return when you are ready. Big hugs. Hilary

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  3. I also think that Erwin will treasure this project once he understands what you did for him, Luiza. I particularly love the booklet of animals that roam your garden (the cut-out of the mouse is a delightful touch). 🐭
    Congratulations on finishing this wonderful project.
    Best wishes,

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