The Art of Memory

Series “Blême” | “Ohne Fleiß Kein Preis”. Decomposing the Procedure

This piece decomposes a previous work from the Series “Blême”.

This work uses quotes, comments, expressions and words observed and noted in the real world.

This piece pays a humble homage to all the perseverance that goes every day into the filling out of countless myriads of papers with rows and columns.




The Art of Memory

Series “Blême”. The Book

A number of scribbles and sketches i found going through older and more recent workbooks and notebooks inspired a new category in the color coded atlas.

Series “Blême” addresses the persistence and commitment, as well as various forms of the struggle with the everyday amount of Absurd.


The Art of Memory

The 100 Scents. GOLD

Gold was the plenitude of the scents. Among the hill farmers, almost all fruits apart from the apple are referred to as “plums”. Cherries, greengages, mirabelle plums, peaches, apricots… The veins of their squashy flesh glimmers richly in the light and their secretions, alike the human skin flows, possesses a bouncy smarmy scent, reflecting golden hues.

Other golden odors were: the fried onion which embraced almost every cooked meal in a heavy perfume; honey, the epitome of liquid gold… The rum in which the grains from the “cake of the dead” were soaked; the egg yolks stirred with sugar and smeared on the Easter dry and flat figurines; the vinegar. There was the plum brandy which smelled like the apotheosis of all “plums”…