100 Days with Erwin; day 100 [“to the spring”]

Erwin is today 200 days old: the #100dayswitherwin project is now completed… Needless to say, the 3 months and a half feel now like a crumb of a second. Our baby grew up right before our eyes… I already begin to miss sneaking on my tip-toes in the next room to sketch my next work while Erwin is shortly asleep.

For a brief while, I challenged my self to be more aware towards things I´d take otherwise for granted. I will probably not be able to produce day in day out, as during these hundred days, but I do hope to stay consistent with the ideas that emerged during this time.

Here are the works, rolled up in a short video. 🎥📺

Thank You a million for the treasured feedback and appreciation! 🙏 Hugs and cheers to my family for the care, love, real soup and aaaaamazing photos … 😉🙃
Now time has come to play ´round, classify and organize the categories on my website. In other words… I´ll be back. Soon. 🤙😃🖖