100 Days with Erwin; day 35; The Book of Animals That Roam Our Garden / “To You”

To You

To the birds of a feather;

To the hoarse crow

And to the crow´s feet;

To the buzzard meat;

To the early bird;

To the rare bird;

To the bird in the hand and

To the bird in the bush;

To the worms in blood

And to the squiggle in the mud

To the night owl and

To the wise owl;

To the bat out of hell

And to the bat spell.

To the cat out of the bag and

to the cat that got your tongue;

To all the sparrows that passed unsung;

To the prickly hedgehog;

To the sonic hedgehog;

To the bumblebee that

flies anyway…

To the pink spider and

to the spider that can´t make a deal with a fly;

To the church mouse;

To the dust mouse;

To the Mouse on the Moon and

to the Mouse Who Ate the Moon.

To the Yellow Necked Mouse,

from the ground floor apartment house,

to her spouse, in the dollhouse and to her

sucking louse;

To the woman in the house and

to the man in the house.

To every child

And to the children who like scouse,

To every Finn and

every Lynn.

To you, Erwin with

a round chin.

To You1