100 Days with Erwin; day 50; arranging the series

Half of the time assigned to the #100dayswitherwin has flown so fast! It seemed forever to count to 100 days and I thought I´d probably give up after a few days, due to lack of time, lack of focus, energy…you name it, after all, there´s a 150 days little human in the house… 😀😉🙃
Keeping up with drawing bits and fragments during Erwin´s first few months, has energized and inspired me extraordinarily. I am looking forward to the rest of the project´s days and want to thank you so so much for your feedback, it does fill me with verve and vigor to continue 🙏😊

Throughout the 50 days, series, categories and a pocket-sized booklet emerged, as well as some other micro enterprises being in the making…

For today, #day50, a review with the categories and series👇🧐