Hi everyone! I was so sure i´d have more time in the last couple of months to update the progression of our adventurous new project. Now that we´re done and after two madly intense months, i couldn´t be happier that we´ve made it!



The moving feedback we´ve been receiving from the students involved, from the beginning to the end, and the strong bonds that have been generated during the project are an immense source of energy to inspire us to do it again!

You can have a look at the various events in pictures here. You can also check the individual projects: installations, film&animation, music, performance art, workshop, illustration and the various statements

Stay tuned for more updates and please, give our amazing artists a thumb up on our facebook page!

Thank you and have a lovely week ahead!!! 🙌✊💖



It has been quite a while since my last update. I´ve been intensively working the last two months on a new project, predominantly inspired by my work as an art educator. The project is meant to takeoff in September with a group exhibition gathering artists, researchers, students and art educators, and develop subsequently into a periodic (yearly) event.

I am really glad to be back here, now that the preparatory work on “Mark Me Present” is done! The time invested into rounding up a concept that was germinating in our minds and then creating the frames to make it happen, has been both exhausting and rewarding. I´ve got amazing, inspiring vibes from meetings, conferences and spontaneous talks that have been going on lately.

Am both nervous and excited about the opening.

The book i started back in spring, named after Vian´s theater play, “Series Blême”, is also completed. The last part of it, The Cow and the Bear – book and installation – will be shown as my statement in the “Mark Me Present” exhibition.

Stay tuned for the updates and very important for now: if you happen to be in Berlin between 7. 09 – 9. 10. 2018, it will be a massive joy to have you around! 😊

Wishing everyone a delightful, chilled, breezy summertime! ☀️🍧⛱


Bosch. Visions Alive

Reading this morning an inspiring review on the widely celebrated exhibition, “Jheronimus Bosch – Visions of Genius”, held in Den Bosch – Jheronimus van Aken´s native town, i hurried up to “Bosch. Visions Alive”.

The multimedia show in Berlin (Alte Münze/Artplay Media) is one of the key events marking the 500th anniversary of the artist’s year of death. While Bosch´s works were present only through the magic of pixels, projected generously on huge walls and amplified by an artful sound, one experiences an entertaining hour, cradled in the soft rhythm of minimalist but captivating animations… As for myself, i am more for the uncompromising debauchery of senses through absorbing the brush paths, carving up the imaginary molecules of pigments and chasing whatever it´s left of the smell of legion of hands having caressed the oils and varnish.

The exit was of course through the gift shop. The offer was, alas, a bit meager and generic, so i gratified myself with a pigeon plume picked on the way out.