Upcoming | The Art of Memory Show

After a short break at the Baltic Sea, set out on a mission to find C.D. Friedrich´s cliffs, marching through the woods – the mosquitoes having sucked the life out of me – it was then time to get back to work.


The Art of Memory jars are being indexed and assembled these days for their first public reception. Which i´m very excited about.

The grand opening is set for the 1st of July, within the space of a Gothic church in Berlin. The exhibition will last until the 31st of July.

More updates to come throughout the preparations!

Here´s a sneak peek at the line up #1


My work featured on Slippery Edge

Am very happy and honored – thank you! It made my day and filled my lil´Transylvanian heart with mighty energies. 🙂 A lovely spring time from Berlin!!

Born in 1980 in Transylvania (Romania), Luiza Mogosanu graduated in 2004 from the Arts and Design University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania. She went on to study History of Arts in Sibiu, Romania and in 2008 moved to France where she completed a Masters degree on the topic of Contemporary Autobiographic Art (autofiction) at Sorbonne, Paris. The…

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