As a trained fine artist (MA, Arts and Science of Art, Univ. Paris1-Sorbonne, France) and art teacher (Diplom, University of Arts and Design-Pedagogy of Arts, Cluj-Napoca, Romania), i have constantly conjoined my practice with numerous teaching assignments at several levels, from preschool, grade school to college.

Below is a selection of my recent assignments as a teacher.

Since February, 2017, fine arts teacher at Carl-von-Linné-Schule, Berlin, Germany

(Project / Germ. and Eng.)

2017 Conducting workshops at the Jugendkunstschule Marzahn-Hellersdorf, Berlin, Germany

(art. in Eng.) Hands-on Installation

2016 Teaching the Module Creativity and Ästhetics of Education, at Best-Sabel Fachschule, Berlin, Germany

2015 – 2016 Fine arts teacher at Klax, Primary School, Berlin, Germany

(art. in Germ.) Ich mache Kunst, also bin ich

2014-2015 Conducting workshops in pre-schools, Berlin, Germany

(art. in Germ.) Das “Ich Museum”


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