(10. 11. 2019 – 17. 02. 2020)

Beginning of December 2018, I found out that I was pregnant. A minuscule beating heart was shown then to me on the tiny black-and-white screen, by a lovely doctor with an East-German accent. The months to come were marked by permanent queasiness and vacillating moods. The first months were followed by a relief that lasted for a few weeks and about the term I was due to meet my son, I could barely move myself around. Everybody around me kept telling me to “enjoy”, but the feeling was so radical so high and exceptional to me, that I could not entirely grasp it. My body changed drastically as a whole. My brain re-setted.

The 1st of August 2019, at almost 9 o´clock, I heard for the first time the voice that was about to viscerally transform my days and to give them a whole new meaning.

Erwin André, our son, is today 100 days old. His body smells like toasty pudding, his toy-sized feet are moist and feel like mini erasers. He laughs a lot, especially at his own reflection in the mirror, he giggles and babbles, chuckles, mumbles and grumbles and cries, he drools and hiccups, his hands reach and fumble everywhere, he kicks his legs and he just won´t stay still.

My father visited us soon after I gave birth and offered me a deeply touching gift: a sketchbook and a box of oil pastels, to keep up with my work…

To honour our son´s arrival and to resume with my previous mosaic project, “The Skin of 100 Smells” (“La Peau des 100 Odeurs”), I will start, as of tomorrow, the “100 Days with Erwin”. My time management changed and the hours for creative work shrank drastically, yet I will try to dedicate a few minutes from the day for a drawing to mark an instant of the day, for 100 days. Let´s see how and if I can commit.

As of now, Erwin sleeps next to me, in his rainbow hoodie, it is 17:51h pm in Berlin, but it feels like 10h pm and I can taste the muggy fog outside, announcing a loooong winter…

(09.11.2019, Berlin)



“… Und Juliette Gréco so…”


“Mornings are like…


” Dienstags verbringen wir mit Oma Edith ”


” A Wednesday Afternoon… ”


” Von der Sammlung: Tiere die Küsse schenken”




“Die Giraffe”


“Sunday quiche”


“Die Schmuse-Brust”

DAY 10

“Dienstags verbringen wir mit Oma Edith ”

DAY 11

” Der Schrei ”

DAY 12

” Mos Ene”

DAY 13

“Cornucopia I”

DAY 14

“Cornucopia II”

DAY 15

“The Book of Animals That Roam Our Garden”

DAY 16

“Die Amsel”

DAY 17

“Dienstags verbringen wir mit Oma Edith”

DAY 18

“Die Katze”

DAY 19

“Oul de aur”

DAY 20

“Der Bussard ”

DAY 21

“Der Igel”

DAY 22

“Die Hummel”

DAY 23

“Die Meise”

DAY 24

“Dienstags verbringen wir mit Oma Edith”

DAY 25

“Der Zaunkönig”

DAY 26

“Die Spinne ”

DAY 27

“Die Krähe”

DAY 28

“Die Maus”

DAY 29

“A Tale with a Mouse” – Hommage to Mrs. Gelbhals

Back in the day, there lived a mouse –

four fingers tall it was her house.
Deep in the bush she had a spouse.
She’d roam the garden in the sun –
The fearless two and their grandson.
We’d feed her ham and honey bun.
Now, winter’s here, its frosty sigh
Calls for us to say “goodbye”.
“Farwell” we say, Miss Gabriella –
on the quick steps of tarantella!
(Friedrichshain, 2019)

DAY 30

“Cornucopia III”

DAY 31

“Dienstags verbringen wir mit Oma Edith”

DAY 32

“Cornucopia IV”

DAY 33

“Cornucopia V”

DAY 34

“A Tale With a Mouse – to Mrs. Gelbhals”

DAY 35

“The Book of Animals That Roam Our Garden”

“To You”

To the birds of a feather; 

To the hoarse crow

And to the crow´s feet;

To the buzzard meat;

To the early bird;

To the rare bird;

To the bird in the hand and

To the bird in the bush;

To the worms in blood 

And to the squiggle in the mud

To the night owl and

To the wise owl; 

To the bat out of hell 

And to the bat spell.

To the cat out of the bag and 

to the cat that got your tongue;

To all the sparrows that passed unsung;

To the prickly hedgehog;

To the sonic hedgehog;

To the bumblebee that 

flies anyway…

To the pink spider and

to the spider that can´t make a deal

with a fly;

To the church mouse;

To the dust mouse;

To the Mouse on the Moon and

to the Mouse Who Ate the Moon.

To the Yellow Necked Mouse,

from the ground floor apartment house, 

to her spouse, in the dollhouse and to her

sucking louse;

To the woman in the house and

to the man in the house.

To every child 

And to the children who like scouse,

To every Finn and 

every Lynn.

To you, Erwin with 

a round chin.

(Friedrichshain, 2019)


DAY 36


DAY 37

“Cornucopia VI”

DAY 38

“Dienstags verbringen wir mit Oma Edith”

DAY 39

“Die Raupe”

DAY 40

“Cornucopia VII”

DAY 41

“Cornucopia VIII”

DAY 42

“Birds in the tree”

DAY 43

“Cornucopia IX”

DAY 44

“Die Fledermaus”

DAY 45

“Dienstags verbringen wir mit Oma Edith”

DAY 46

“The helicopter”

DAY 47

“Tree in F’shain”

DAY 48

“Cornucopia X”

DAY 49

“Cornucopia XI”

DAY 50

Half of the time assigned to the #100dayswitherwin has flown so fast! It seemed forever to count to 100 and I thought I´d probably give up after a few days, due to lack of time, lack of focus, energy…you name it, after all, there´s a 150 days little human in the house…

Keeping up with drawing bits and fragments during Erwin´s first few months, has energized and inspired me extraordinarily. I am looking forward to the rest of the project´s days and want to thank you so so much for your feedback, it does fill me with verve and vigor to continue!!

Throughout the 50 days, series, categories and a pocket-sized booklet emerged, as well as some other micro enterprises being in the making…

For today, day 50th, a review with the categories and series:

DAY 51

“Der Elefant ”

DAY 52

“Dienstags verbringen wir mit Oma Edith”

DAY 53

“Nursing pad I”

DAY 54

“Afternoons are like…”

DAY 55

“Storyline 1”

DAY 56

“Tree in F’shain”

DAY 57

“Cornucopia XII”

DAY 58

“Tree in F’shain”

DAY 59

“Dienstags verbringen wir mit Oma Edith”

DAY 60

“Trees in F’shain”

DAY 61

“The Gift”

DAY 62


DAY 63

“The cup”

DAY 64

“Trees in Lichtenberg”

DAY 65

“Der Ring – Bär”

DAY 66

“Dienstags verbringen wir mit Oma Edith”

DAY 67


DAY 68


DAY 69

“So long F’shain”

DAY 70


DAY 71

“Storyline 2”

DAY 72

“Nursing pad II”

DAY 73

“Nursing pad III”

DAY 74

” Woods”

DAY 75

“The fly”

DAY 76

“Cornucopia XIII”

DAY 77

“The roller-bear”

DAY 78

“Cornucopia XIV”

DAY 79

“Sunrise in Lichtenberg ”

DAY 80

“Tree in Lichtenberg”

DAY 81


DAY 82

“Landscape in Lichtenberg”

DAY 83

“Cornucopia XV”

DAY 84

“Woods in Lichtenberg”

DAY 85


DAY 86

“Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?”

DAY 87

“Von der Sammlung: Tiere die Küsse schenken: der Broiler”

DAY 88

“Das Steiff-Schweinchen”

DAY 89


DAY 90

“Nursing pad IV”

DAY 91

“Nursing pad V”

DAY 92

“Cornucopia XVI”

DAY 93

Cornucopia XVII”

DAY 94

“Nursing pad VI”

DAY 95

“Cornucopia XVIII”

DAY 96

“Should you ever ask […]”

DAY 97

“Cornucopia XIX”

DAY 98

“Nursing pad VII”

DAY 99


DAY 100

“Nursing pad VIII”

Erwin is today 200 days old: the #100dayswitherwin project is now completed…✊ Needless to say, the 3 months and a half feel now like a crumb of a second. Our baby grew up right before our eyes… I already begin to miss sneaking on my tip-toes in the living room to sketch my next work while Erwin is shortly asleep.

For a brief while, I challenged my self to be more aware towards things I´d take otherwise for granted. I will probably not be able to produce day in day out, as during these hundred days, but I do hope to stay consistent with the ideas that emerged during this time.

For now, I thank you dearly for your support and present you the “100 Days” works, rolled up in a short video. 🎥