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Installation view, Heliumcowboy, Hamburg, Germany 2008

Freshly installed in Paris, in the winter of 2008, being granted a scholarship for artistic research, i found myself as the days went by, bit by bit constrained to inhibit most of direct connections with my native country, starting with the use of language. Enrolled as a Master´s degree student at the Sorbonne, i embraced my new existence in France, trying to absorb as much as i could from the new surroundings.

The interrogation and understanding of the new order in my life took on my artistic practice and transferred the exploration of the identity and the mechanisms of the intimacy to the core of my work. I started to archive the items that would describe my “striving” throughout the day (train/bus/tram tickets, bills, medical receipts, notes, food packages…), in a frantic attempt to “freeze” and preserve the “hard facts” of a singular mythology in progress: my own.

The first public display of my archive based work took place in July 2008, in the form of an installation piece based on my first makeshift rooms in France, built out of the “residues of the day”, steadily collected and compiled during my first months in Paris.

Artist presentation excerpt | Heliumcowboy, 5 Years Anniversary Show | 2008
“Meeting Luiza Mogosanu, we are drawn into the setting of a fancy-dress ball. A fancy-dress ball where everybody chooses and changes their costume just as one likes. A fancy-dress ball which is generally called „life“ or „everyday life“ and which is nothing else but a scenery of observation, self-observation and self-creation: “We are on a huge scene whether we like it or not. Solitude it’s an illusion. For all our daily scenes we gave always minimum one spectator – ourselves. In the focus of her installations and performances are the moment of life and the subject of the painter who creates, re-invents, produces herself over and over again. Her own body becomes a canvas of the perpetual self-staging. []
In a mixture of obscenity and kitsch, heroism and sensitivity, glamour and trash she roots the aesthetic desire in the details of her own everyday experiences, human rituals, sound bits, notes and movement usually seeming only banal to us.


©Luiza Mogosanu 2018