Welcome to the year 2265. The human species is since the last century completely extinguished. Yet, the glimmer of the hominid civilization is still alive. Through systematic observation over hundred of thousands of years, various animal species learned our languages, our habits, our customs and our quirky rules, which they are now elaborately reproducing into their new world.

The planet is no longer called “Earth”, but “Ordosphere”. The species are awfully aware of their nature and attributes and follow strictly the rules and tasks they are assigned with. The sum of the vices stays constant. The meat consumption has been abolished, but insects are these days at risk. All over the place there are insect farms, where insects are being callously abused. The supreme authority over the inhabitants belongs now to a single institution, The Ordovician Commission for Sploshing and Swashing, where every single species can find something to do, tailored to their distinguishing abilities and talents.

One of the metropoles on the Ordosphere is Oldville, home for the Cow and for the Bear. Both work for the Ordovician Commission for Sploshing and Swashing. Both analyze their every day experiences and struggle to see a sense to their existence.


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