Hands-on installation

Alongside my regular teaching work, i have recently responded to the invitation to conduct a series of workshops at one of the local Youth Art Schools, attended by groups of primary / secondary / high school students. The challenge i set myself was to broach with the young participants the broad topic of installation art. … More Hands-on installation

Return to Venice

Almost eleven years ago i saw Venice for the first time, in a hasty couple of hours stop on the way to France. It was late October and no tourists waves. The ténébreux air of the city stroke with its power to ingest one in its convoluted structure. This initial impact adhered to my memory … More Return to Venice

#Surprise flashbacks

Speaking about precious surprises, since about two weeks i´m the happy owner of this amazing etching received as a gift from the fellow blogger Liz Daggar / @electrofork. I love it all, the neat line, the subtle textures, the atmosphere. Thank you, Liz! Her website – electrofork.wordpress.com, filled with brilliant gems will boost your spirits … More #Surprise flashbacks

Dresden, 34. Deutscher Kunsthistorikertag and Studio Visit at HfBK

2017 started with exciting teaching assignments and with the preparations for an exhibition which will open later in May this year (updates to follow). Conjointly, i began working on the translation into German of my Master research, “L´intime à l´oeuvre” (“The Intimacy as Artwork”) – first and foremost as a redraft into the language and … More Dresden, 34. Deutscher Kunsthistorikertag and Studio Visit at HfBK