LuRomanian born, i have completed my studies at Faculté des Arts et Science de l´Art – Panthéon Sorbonne Paris, France. I live and work since 2012 in Berlin, Germany.

My work ranges from traditional techniques to installation and performance-art. The mediums and areas converge and complete each other – thus the final projects are elements of the same conundrum, connected through a common conceptual genesis.

Most of my works originate from the investigation of the idea of intimacy – experienced as a semi-fictional construct where the personal mythology overlaps the universal mythology and vice versa, where there is no distinct frontier between the stages of memory-virtuality-reality and the categories of ‘collective’ and ‘personal’, intersect and substitute each other.

Emerging from the necessity of questioning conventional categories and boundaries in the relation art-spectator-artist, the installation/performance pieces are conceived as open (ongoing and accumulative) projects. There is no ‘spactator’ or ‘artist’ in the formal meaning of terms since there is no category of ‘active’ (the artist) or ‘passive’ (the spactator’) and the static object in between to be contemplated : the art. The adventure to be called ‘art’ is the spontaneous and unrepeatable phenomenon that is happening there and then between the players of the open platform.

A painting project starts with abundant word plays where mysterious characters – half real-half made-up arise through humorous imagery and shape into a brand new population of motley heavy flavored sensations. Technically, the process consists of collage experiments, explorations with various objects and research for new, refined textures. The tangled ‘storyline’ revolves around feminine characters, vague self-portraits, quintessential pixies standing for a lustful energy of rivaling any form of compliance or submission. Around, on top and inside the air that heroines are breathing circulate creatures, signs, symbols, words, quotes – mouthfuls of seeming souvenirs and splinters of a noise doped day-to-day existence.

Luiza Mogosanu, Berlin 2014

34 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Fascinating blog you have here, Luiza, and some great artwork.
    I am also hugely impressed that you visited and liked my story with the last line ‘I hate installation art.’
    Talent and humour, a potent mix.
    I wish you good luck, dear lady

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    1. Thank you very much. Indeed, i found the story to be very poignant in raising questions on the very ample matter of the purpose/justification/reason/impact of contemporary images in art… – an interesting and complex subject where wits and humour are, once more, actually effective. An excellent holiday time and greets!


      1. I did! Thanks a bunch for sharing it – sweet one, i like the beat & dreamy vibe!… The city is recovering quite rapidly, yesterday was heavy and somber to walk across, which is more than understandable. Yet Berlin has seen so much in its (recent) history, beyond its fancy, laid back crust, there lies a hard rooted city…

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      1. Thank you for the kind words – very happy you watched/liked Mabel!… That was indeed a very enjoyable and playful process, very gratifying too, making those characters come to life, inventing on the spot situations… ´Moving pictures´ altogether it´s just too appealing as medium to stay away from it… 🙂

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  2. Thank you Luiza for stopping by my Blog and for all the “Likes” you left me to my Art! I am happy that you like what I do since you are an Artist, is nice to connect! Your work is great and unique I visited your Blog! I wish you all the best and I hope that you will follow my journey and visit my Blog again! I will do the same with yours 🙂 Carolina

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  3. I’m glad I have come across your blog. I love your approach to art and how you describe your interests. I believe it is a fascinating thing that your work comes from a place where there is no distinct frontier between the stages of memory-virtuality-reality and the categories of ‘collective’ and ‘personal’, intersect and substitute each other. As a music lover interested in poetry I always loved that Dylan line: “The princess and the prince discuss what’s real and what it’s not, but it doesn’t matter inside the Gates of Eden”. I’m pleased to know you place yourself inside when it comes to your own work.

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  4. Luiza, you have an intriguing style of expressing yourself through your pieces. Keep up the good work and I encourage you to continue posting for the world to see. Creativity may be dying, but it’s artists like you that keep it alive.

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    1. Multumesc tare mult de vizita – multumesc pentru cuvintele frumoase! Sint absolut fermecata, de asemenea, de imaginile si calatoriile vizuale din blogul tau! O seara buna si plina de inspiratie! 🙂


    1. I loved the Moral Ambiguities. My mind slid immediately to Erró (you may correct me if i´m wrong) because (and not only) of the remarkable ability of enabling a crazy amount of sharp analogies / inch… Thank you too for stepping by / greets back!


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